Survival is a simple tradeskill. As you gather natural resources (ore, wood, and flowers) your skill goes up. As your skill goes up, you have a higher chance to get more materials randomly from those gathering nodes.

Additionally, you can tan creatures in the wild. It costs durability and requires a sharp weapon, but you can stand atop a corpse and do tan to attempt to tan it. The success chance goes up the higher your Survival skill is. This action will also gain you skill no matter if you succeed or fail.

Useful Macros

  • Tan: tan - Attempt to tan a corpse on your tile.
  • Extract: extract - Attempt to extract blood from a corpse in your left hand.
  • Repair: repair - Attempt to repair the item in your left hand with a hammer in your right hand.
  • Grab corpse and extract: ~GtL Corpse;extract;place blood in sack

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