Halloween is the glorious holiday of zombie-killing and candy-getting. Here in Land of the Rair, you can do both! Halloween runs the entire month of October, and will offer you the following:

Halloween Tokens

Each holiday will grant you tokens to buy new items. This holiday will offer you Halloween Tokens. You can get them in ways described below, and cash them in at the Holiday Basement south of Rylt.


  • Daily quests
  • Holiday quests
  • Trade in candy in the Holiday Basement
  • Trade in brains in the Holiday Basement


  • Pumpkin Shield (+30 AC)
  • Moon Boots (+100 magic resistance)
  • Halloween Gem (+50 HP/MP)
  • Antanian Strength Potions (+1 STR)
  • Scrolls of Sweet Tooth (I, II, III, IV, V) - +2 HP/MP Regen, -3 AC (per point)

New Quests

  • Jarek offers a new zombie killing quest
  • All daily quests give Halloween Tokens
  • Trick-or-treating (quest start in the Holiday Basement, you can right click green NPCs while holding the basket)

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