Default Keybinds

Land of the Rair has some default keybinds that might be helpful to know:

  • Ctrl+Click: Target an NPC
  • Escape: Clear command buffer
  • Right Click (while Wardrobe open): Quickly add or remove item from Wardrobe (to Sack, or, if equippable, to Equipment)
  • Right Click (while Shop open): Quickly sell (from Sack or Belt) or buy item (to Sack only)
  • Right Click (from Sack, Belt, Equipment, or Hands): Quickly drop item
  • Right Click (from Ground): Quickly pick up item(s)
  • Right Click (Tradeskill NPC): Quickly open tradeskill window
  • Right Click (Potion Slot): Quickly drink
  • Drag consumable items onto the status bar to use them
  • Right Click (Stairs, while standing on them): Use Staircase
  • Right Click (Doors, while adjacent to them): Open/Close Door

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