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This page mostly exists to let players have increased visibility with the wiki, which is updated more frequently. It contains information about where the game is, where it’s going, and what things might be implemented along the way.

Two documents relating to the game and it’s future in particular:

Several documents relating to possible content for the game:

  • Possible New Spells - this is a very rough list of spells that might make their way into the game.
  • Possible New Trade Skills - these are some of the trade skills that might make their way into the game.
  • Possible New Traits - these are traits that could feasibly exist for each class.
  • Possible Lair Mechanics - these are boss mechanics that might find their way into the game.
  • Possible Event Rewards - when a GM hosts an event, here is a sample of things that could be given out.
  • Stretch Goal Features - this page details a lot of rough feature ideas that may or may not come into the game. A lot of them have been scrapped, and a lot of them are in various stages of completeness, but they are here so they are not forgotten.

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