Thanksgiving is the holiday of giving thanks and killing turkeys. It takes place throughout the entire month of November, and will offer you the following:

Thanksgiving Tokens

Each holiday will grant you tokens to buy new items. This holiday will offer you Thanksgiving Tokens. You can get them in ways described below, and cash them in at the Holiday Basement south of Rylt, or with the token vendor in the Turkey Forest area.


  • Daily quests
  • Holiday quests
  • Trade Turkey Feathers to Koda


  • Thanksgiving Blunderbuss (when improved, 3/3)
  • Thanksgiving Arrows (+1 DEX, 1/0)
  • Pilgrim Hat (3/3, Permanent Truesight)
  • Pilgrim Boots (3/3, +2 AGI/DEX, +1 MOV)
  • Pilgrim Cloak (3/3, 25 Magical Resist, Permanent Succor)
  • Turkey Staff (3/3, 15 AC, 2 INT/WIS/WIL, 10 MP Regen, Allows for summoning Turkey familiars)
  • Charisma Amulet (+2 CHA)
  • 25oz, 100oz, 250oz, 500oz Heal Bottle
  • Thanksgiving Gem (+1 CHA)
  • Antanian Charisma Potions (+1 CHA)
  • Scrolls of Slow Digestion (I, II, III, IV, V) - +20% food duration per point

New Quests

  • Tuhren offers a Blunderbuss to kill turkeys, and his comrade Planst offers an upgrade for it, if you can beat his challenge!
  • Klarc is seeking corn and cornbread… he has a festive reward for those who can help!
  • Koda is seeking Turkey Feathers. Who knows what you’ll get from him?
  • Sacagawea is seeking leaves, corn, and apples to make a feast!
  • Annalie is seeking corn, and can reward you with some lucky cornbread!
  • All daily quests give Thanksgiving Tokens

New Encounters

  • Rojd, the mad turkey, is out and about. He has a chance of dropping any holiday item if you can brave his hunger and slay him!

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