Thanks to all of the following for the creation of this game:

  • @photonstorm - - the visual map rendering of the game
  • Game Icons - - Macro and other icons
  • Brad Lineberger - Kingdom of Drakkar - game inspiration, art, and nostalgia music (thank you!)
  • Antti Luode - music
    • Bustrip (Dungeon)
    • Back In The Country (Wilderness)
    • 5 Minutes (Town)
    • ATL (Combat)

Player Created Content

In addition to the above, some players have contributed significant content to the game (this list doesn’t include the thankless job that is testing brutal lair fights before their prime, you know who you are!).

  • Blackmoore - Created the “Dedlaen Maze” map
  • Sarimash - bugfixes and help with LotR2
  • Wrexbe - lots of help with LotR2

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