GM Commands


If you’re here, you’re probably using the Mod Kit and running a local server where you’re a GM, either to mess around or to test your own maps. This page will list out the most common, useful GM commands and how to use them. You can find a more full list over here.


Command Usage Description
@allegiance @allegiance <newallegiance> Change your allegiance to any valid allegiance, or GM, to test aggro.
@axp @axp <amount> Gain AXP equal to the amount specified.
@crash @crash Crash the event loop for the game.
@creategold @creategold <amt> Create an amount of gold in your hand.
@dupe @dupe Duplicate your right hand to your left.
@execj @execj <code> Evaluate JS code. You might want to read the docs on this one.
@examinecreature @examinecreature <targetish> Examine a creature’s stats and other data.
@examineitem @examineitem Examine the item in your right hand. This will only show modified properties, not the base item data.
@freezeai @freezeai Freeze or unfreeze the AI for the game.
@gainskill @gainskill <skill> <amt> Gain an amount of skill to level it up.
@gaintradeskill @gainskill <skill> <amt> Gain an amount of tradeskill to level it up.
@gg @gg Quickly kill yourself.
@item @item <itemname> Create an item in your right hand.
@kill @kill <targetish> Kill the first creature matching your target.
@moditem @moditem <itemish> Modify the item in your right hand with the properties specified; these need to be formatted in a JSON-friendly format, such as @moditem trait.level=2
@resetdungeon @resetdungeon <map> <seed?> Reset the specified map dungeon with the given seed, or pick one if not specified.
@saveplayers @saveplayers Save all players currently in the game.
@searchitems @searchitems <query> Search the item database for items that partially match query.
@spellmod @spellmod <spell|"list"> <multiplier> Set the global potency override for spell to potency. If list is specified, show all overrides.
@startevent @startevent <event> Start the given event, or stop it if it’s already active.
@summon @summon <player> Summon the given player to your current location.
@teleport @teleport <x> <y> <map?> Teleport to x,y on the current map. If map is specified, teleport to those coordinates on that map instead.
@teleportto @teleportto <targetish> Teleport to the first creature or player matching your target.
@togglemapblock @togglemapblock <map> Block the specified map from being entered, and kick out any players in that map.
@updatecontent @updatecontent Get the latest content from GitHub and update it live.
@upgradeitem @upgradeitem Upgrade the item in your right hand using the item in your left hand.
@wallsight @wallsight Toggle being able to see through walls.
@wallwalk @wallwalk Toggle being able to walk through walls.
@xp @xp <amt> Gain an amount of XP.

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