Party Information

Parties can include any number of people, however after a certain point skill/xp gain gets cut. Once you’ve added your fifth member, your experience and skill gain will go down by 25%. Once you’ve added your eighth player, experience and skill go down by an additional 25%.

You cannot gain xp or skill if you aren’t within 7 tiles of your party members.

If you are more than 5 levels away from the average party level, your xp gain is cut by 50%, and if you’re more than 10 levels away from the average party level, you will not gain xp.

When you gain party xp, you also work towards party points. Everyone in the party gains party xp.

Party points are like trait points, except earned a bit differently. You can spend them in the same place. Whenever you’re in a party, your party abilities will activate for you, increasing your stats.

For party abilities to activate, you need to be in a party of 3 or more.

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