Tips & Tricks

There are a lot of things you should be aware of when playing Land of the Rair. Here is a bunch of tips and tricks to ensure your success:

  • Want to stack a lot of commands with few clicks? Make a macro that is like so: attack;attack;attack;attack. This will stack 4 attacks for every click!
  • When you die, use the restore macro to come back to life!
  • If you prefix a command with #, it will always be run as a command, no matter if you’re in command or chat mode!
  • When you die, you’ll drop the items you’re holding. Be careful and remember where you are!
  • If you get killed by a “lair” creature, you will lose all of your gear and have to retrieve it from their lair. You should exercise caution when exploring. Most lairs will be marked in obvious ways!
  • Use the bank often, just in case!
  • When you die, you lose CON. You do not want to let CON get below 3, or you will find yourself in quite the pickle.
  • You can buy potions to increase your CON to 10 from Darwin the Tavernkeep.
  • You can use the Alchemist to combine like potions into potions of greater size.
  • Some creatures can be tanned, and will give you gear based on their skin.
  • Buying gear from a shop will get you started, but in general, gear you find will be better.
  • You can level up by training with your class trainer.
  • You can gain proficiency with particular weapons by using them repeatedly.
  • Read your Log frequently. There are lots of hidden areas in the game only made known through the environment.
  • NPCs will often have very visible dialog options, ie, if an NPC named “Talker” says “Hey, TALK to me!” you would say tal, talk to open new dialog options.
  • NPCs with a green tag are friendly, and will never fight you. Gray tags will attack you if you attack them, and red tags are hostile to you and will attack you on sight.
  • If you find a gem, head on over to the Encruster and put it in your gear. It probably has some nice benefits!
  • You can right-click items to quickly locker and sell them.
  • You can click on stairs then quickly right click to ascend or descend.

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