Weapon Information

Land of the Rair features many kinds of weapons, including daggers, axes, maces, and of course, swords. To best understand the uses of each item category, this page will describe each category of weapon, some sample weapon types, and generally how they work.

One-Handed Swords

Features: Longswords, Broadswords

Longswords fit in one hand (the right hand), have average offensive abilities, average damage rolls, and a high variance in bonus damage per hit.

Longswords are typically used by melee weapon users, such as Warriors.

Two-Handed Swords

Features: Greatswords (and to a lesser extent: Greatmaces, Greataxes, Halberds, and Longbows)

Two-Handed swords, such as greatswords, require both hands to use. They have pretty good offensive capabilities, good damage, and a low variance in bonus damage.

Some weapons, such as greatmaces, greataxes, halberds, and longbows will leverage and help raise your ability to use two handed weapons.

Two-handed weapons are, in general, used by Warriors.


Features: Shortswords

Shortswords fit in one hand, and have below average damage with higher accuracy than a normal weapon. They also have low variance in their damage rolls and average offensive capabilities.

Shortswords are, in general, used by Thieves as they are easier to conceal.


Features: Staves, Twigs

Staves require use of both hands, and generally augment magical attributes. They do below average physical damage with a low variance in bonus damage.

Twigs are also considered staves for the purposes of calculation, and their rolls are abysmal in comparison.

Staves are generally used by Mages or Healers.


Features: Halberds

Polearms require use of both hands, have above average damage, an average variance in bonus damage, and have great offensive capabilities. They cannot be belted.

Polearms are generally used by Warriors.


Features: Axes, Greataxes

Axes use one hand, while their great counterpart uses two. They have average offensive capabilities, low variance in bonus damage, and above average damage, but generally carry an accuracy bonus.

Axes are generally used by Warriors.


Features: Daggers

Daggers use one hand, but can sometimes occupy both hands. Some daggers are “returning” which means that when you throw them, they come back. They have below average damage, average offensive capabilities, and always carry an accuracy bonus.

Daggers are the easiest weapons to conceal, making them an excellent choice for Thieves.


Features: Maces, Hammers, Flails, Clubs, Greatmaces

Maces use one hand, while their great counterpart uses two. They have above average offensive capabilities, average damage, but often carry an accuracy penalty.

Maces are often used by Warriors or Healers. Shields are often used by Warriors, but can be made use of by magic classes for a defensive bonus.


Features: Gloves, Claws, Bare Fist

Martial skill is what you use any time you don’t have an item in your right hand, or you have an unclassified item, such as a rock, tunic, skull, gem, or other environmental/armor related item. Gloves will generally have above average offensive and defensive abilities and average damage, while claws will generally have above average offensive capabilities, above average damage, and oher offensive attributes.

Martial combat is primarily used by Warriors, but every class benefits from having it.

Ranged Weapons

Features: Crossbows, Longbows, Shortbows

Crosshows are one-handed ranged weapons, while longbows and shortbows both occupy both hands. In general, this means that crossbows will be weaker while offering more defensive options, where longbows and shortbows offer more offensive solutions. Longbows generally have a wider damage variance compared to shortbows.

Arrows can also be held to boost the damage of the bow, but are not required.

Ranged weapons are primarily used by Warriors and Thieves.

Thrown Weapons

Features: Returning Daggers, anything you throw

Thrown skill is exercised any time you throw an item. Some items, such as some special daggers, will return when thrown, meaning you don’t have to go pick them up. There are some items that will trigger an effect on throw as well, such as bottles breaking.

Thrown weapons are primarily used by Thieves.

Magical Weapons

Features: Wands, Totems

Magical weapons generally occupy one hand, and carry an effect when they hit their target. They are often rare, but effective combat weapons.

Magical weapons are utilized by every class.


Features: Shields, Saucers

Shields are counted as maces for weapon purposes (because they bash). Using special traits as a Warrior will let you dual-wield shields. Additionally, if you find a Saucer, it can be used as a shield and a helm!

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