Mages are expert spellcasters, doing damage with the flick of their wrist. Mages are ranged, and have an assortment of attacks ranging from energy attacks to overwhelmingly powerful fire area of effect attacks. Of course, they get a fair few buffs too, so they can have a supporting role - but make no mistake, their primary goal is to deal damage. To learn new skills, just talk to a mage trainer when you gain skill.

For mages, you can hold any weapon. Primarily, you’ll find that staves can give you stat bonuses (depending on the staff, of course), but the best damage dealer is a wand. If you find a wand, it increases your damage output by quite a bit!

When a mage levels up, it will gain a small amount of hp and a large chunk of mp (more than healers, anyway). They don’t have any other innate bonuses.

Useful Commands

When you learn teleport, you unlock some other auxillary commands:

  • show teleports - see a listing of your current teleports
  • memorize <location> - memorize a new teleport at your current area, called <location>
  • forget <location> - forget the teleport at <location>

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