Christmas is the holiday of elves and presents. It takes place throughout the entire month of December, and will offer you the following:

Christmas Tokens

Each holiday will grant you tokens to buy new items. This holiday will offer you Christmas Tokens. You can get them in ways described below, and cash them in at the Holiday Basement south of Rylt, or with the token vendor in the Turkey Forest area.


  • Daily quests
  • Holiday quests
  • Trade Coal to Frosty
  • Trade presents to Santa


  • Scarf (When improved: 3/3, 300 fire/ice resist)
  • Top Hat (When improved: 3/3, Permanent DarkVision)
  • Button Shield (When improved: 30 AC)
  • Snowglobe (Imbue attacks with Lv. 50 ImbueFrost)
  • Wreath Ring (+1 All Stats)
  • Pipe (When improved: 3/3, 15 AC, does fire damage on hit, cast fire on hit)
  • Candy Cane Staff (When improved: 3/3, 15 AC, 2 INT/WIS/WIL, 10 MP Regen, Allows for summoning snowman familiars)
  • Christmas Gem (+1 WIL)
  • Antanian Willpower Potions (+1 WIL)
  • Scrolls of Winter’s Embrace (I, II, III, IV, V) - +10% chance for ice bursts to freeze instead of just chill
  • Carrot - 2h of TrueSight, DarkVision, and EagleEye
  • New Cosmetic: Snowflake Joy

New Quests

  • Mrs. Claus is seeking a warm drink for Santa’s return!
  • Frosty needs to get his magic back!
  • Alf needs help locating all of Santa’s reindeer!
  • Rudolph has a cold and needs something to warm him up!
  • The Toy Factory is constantly under siege by snowmen, help them out!
  • Santa wants all of your extra presents!
  • All daily quests give Christmas Tokens

New Encounters

  • Jack Frost, the thief of Christmas, is out and about. He has a chance of dropping any holiday item if you can melt him!

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