Runewriting is a tradeskill defined by the ability to extract spells from the blood of the fallen. Any healer is able to do this.

To do it:

  • Wear an Ink Bottle in your potion slot
  • Hold a Scribe Scroll in your right hand (these are “blank” scrolls)
  • Hold a vial of blood in your left hand

Doing this will absorb the blood from the vial and write it on the paper, granting the knowledge of the fallen target. Doing this, the healer can create many unique spells they would not otherwise have access to.

Healers can also imbue weapons with this magical power to boost the potency of the spell inside of the weapon. To do this, they must hold the scroll in their left hand while holding the weapon in their right, and doing imbue.

Useful Macros

  • Runewrite: runewrite
  • Imbue: imbue

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