Gear Augmentation

Augmenting your gear is a very important part of Land of the Rair! It has a few limitations that may not seem so obvious, but should be kept in mind so you can effectively structure your character. There are a few areas to consider:

Enchanting / Metalworking

Spellforging (which lets you enchant) and Metalworking are abilities unique to the mage and warrior respectively. Every item has an internal cap of +5, and those +5 are “slots” that you can fill with either a mage enchant (Enos or Owts) or a metalworking upgrade (using a Copper, Silver, or Gold brick. or a Fur item which bestows fire and ice protection).

Craftable Items

Warriors can create armor such as a scaleplate and a fullplate (for healers and melee users respectively). These items have multiple tiers which consume the prior crafted item when upgrading. When you upgrade an item in such a way, all of the upgrades persist to the second tier. This means that you essentially have a cap of +10 for these items (+5 for the first item, and another +5 for the second).


Spellforging is the tradeskill unique to a mage, and in context of gear, it allows them to add Trait Scrolls to items. You can have a maximum bonus of 5 across all of your gear, meaning you can have a Trait Scroll level V, or 5 Trait Scroll level I (or any combination inbetween). This means, if you have 14 level V scrolls, you can have +5 to 14 different traits. However, most released trait scrolls are level I, meaning you can have +5 to one trait, +5 to a second trait, and +4 to a third trait. Note that if you do not have access to the trait (ie, you’re a thief, but have a Forceful Strike scroll), you cannot use the trait.

Some traits, however, are “Free” traits, which mean they can be used by anyone. Some examples of this include the holiday traits: Slow Digestion, Sweet Tooth, etc.


When encrusting gems, most gems are limited in how many times you can gain their effectiveness. For example, the Halloween Gem can only be encrusted 3 times for a total bonus of +150/150 HP/MP. The limitations are often arbitrary, but are there to prevent you from stacking 14 of the same gem for ludicrous bonuses. When you encrust an item, if the gem has a limit, the Encruster will tell you how many in total you can use.

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