Land of the Rair Dev Blog #26 - Modkit In Progress

Jun 4, 2021 • Seiyria

Hey everyone! These past couple weeks have been slow and relaxing, but Rair is still moving forward! There’s been a lot of bugfixes and I’ve also started working on the mod kit! Lets dive right in, because the modkit is going to be exciting.

The Mod Kit

The mod kit will be a standalone tool to create mods for Rair. Mod might be a bit of a nebulous term, so I’ll clarify what exactly that means:

The game will be able to load mod packs, which can contain maps, items, npcs, or more. I plan to personally use the mod kit to make mod packs for the game, as well as retroactively rework the game to utilize mod packs. This tool will ideally be a one stop shop for most things Rair, although there are some things that will still require manual editing.

I plan to make a way to host these mod kits as well, and easily integrate them into the game.

Anyway, more about the mod kit!

The mod kit will let you grab the live copy of resources and a functional, working version of tiled without having to fiddle with downloading it or configuring it, which should significantly ease setup pains. It will also have comprehensive editors for everything, as well as convenient tools for NPCs, items, etc:

I plan to have a simple dialog/quest editor, although they’ll be very raw. Down the line, I would like to see if I can create a WYSIWYG drag/drop editor for quests and NPC dialog.

There will be more posts on this later with more screenshots, but this is a good start.

Other Fixes & Features

These last two weeks were pretty much mod kit stuff, but a bunch of small features/bugfixes snuck in too:

  • thieves will brag about what they steal
  • enemies that cast AH will only cast on self
  • burn should now give XP if it kills
  • burn was slightly nerfed
  • tradeskills will now look in the material locker
  • travellers were given alchemy/spellforging recipes
  • warriors were given alchemy/spellforging recipes
  • the leaderboard now links directly to the character if possible
  • server data can now be updated without restarting the server
  • disenchant stops giving skill past skill 10
  • monk shield is a static potency now
  • instance resetting should be improved
  • XP now has a tooltip to show specific numbers
  • ground tooltips no longer flicker when data is updated
  • multistrike is now level 10
  • effective supporter no longer breaks stances
  • lair respawning with off-maps should now work correctly
  • grey tag filter no longer applies to resources
  • right clicking on ground goes to sack instead of equipment
  • crafted items go to sack if possible
  • tradeskill window performance is improved
  • lobby user sorting is less jank
  • dryad robes now have quality
  • weapon variance is significantly lowered
  • upgrader can appraise now
  • macro bug fixes
  • aoe spells give far less skill now
  • show stats will now show the base value if it is non-zero
  • items that tie on craft are marked
  • darkness no longer limits sweep or darkvision on self
  • escort quests no longer despawn immediately
  • succor rings are lockerable/pouchable again
  • resource respawn significantly increased
  • lair respawn significantly increased
  • you can no longer transmute items with quality (they must be disenchanted)
  • bottles are no longer transmuted
  • disenchant all is now a thing
  • resources will no longer talk smack to you
  • sewers now have bone piles to indicate nearby hidden walls and make it look less bland
  • tradeskills now have tooltips to tell you what material is used
  • corpses that drop no items have no highlight
  • resources can no longer block attacks
  • sprite fixes
  • you can no longer eat rocks (sorry, gorons)
  • new buff when in instances that tells you where items go when dropped

As always you can find the full changelog here.

What’s Coming Up?

There’s still a lot of modkit work to do, as well as testing, but it’s off to a great start so far.

As always you can find the full roadmap here.

Until next time,

  • Seiyria