Land of the Rair Dev Blog #31 - Solokar Improvements

Mar 18, 2022 • Seiyria

Hey everyone! This past week has given me a fair bit of feedback on Solokar and Orikurnis, and today I’d like to follow that up with some cool new improvements to the systems.

Conjure Weapon Improvements

When using conjure weapon, you can now choose what kind of weapon to conjure! The variety isn’t too much here - most of the stats will be fairly similar - but you can now choose whatever you want.

Artificer NPC

There is now an artificer NPC near Solokar and Orikurnis. This NPC can upgrade your weapons to the next tier (and, when the time is right, make the proper stat adjustments). This provides the perfect way to take that one of a kind drop from Orikurnis, and take it all the way through the game, up to tier 8 (where Catacombs weapons stop). These items may not be best-in-slot, but they should still be fairly competitive.

Other Fixes & Features

  • config files can be overridden when loading the server, even with the binary, by specifying them in the config/ folder
  • all magic numbers have been extracted from helpers and npc scripts where possible
  • bradley, tanner, identifier have been added to sub castle
  • CH quest works again (as would any other quest that shares the same type/settings as it)
  • hopefully, the solokar ground resets correctly
  • non-sub players over level 30 now must pay 10k to reset their traits
  • plague has been adjusted again
  • new trait: Magical Strikes (Mage) - you can now equip a wand in your ammo slot and it will apply for melee attacks, but only if you have the trait
  • new trait: Expansive Knowledge (Mage) - you now get tier 3 identification, like the NPCs do
  • new trait: Replenishing Shadows (Thief) - you can now get 10% of your MP regen as stealth regen - stacks up to 50% - and does not work while singing
  • TrueSight will properly re-apply when transitioning between maps
  • discord ids can now be 17 digits for the purposes of the ui
  • fixed snare and other spells that got potency incorrectly
  • grey targetting is now more “intelligent” and won’t break for resource nodes or creatures you’ve aggroed to
  • energywave can now be used while blind
  • items can now be consumed from the pouch directly to the use area
  • holyaura rounds damage, and should no longer work when self healing (only when taking damage)
  • sense will now display negative values properly, as well as stats that are percentages
  • when an NPC kills you, its agro will reset for you (especially useful for green NPCs)
  • plague will no longer spread to npcs that aren’t possible for the player to agro
  • tier is now shown for weapons by the appraiser / t3 sense
  • FOV changes for doors so they display properly from above
  • respeccing with a stance active will remove the stance
  • added a new wait command that will wait 1 round, useful for macros that need delays
  • added a craftable energy wand
  • solo/ori: added 2 new craftable bricks for solo/ori ore
  • solo/ori: legendary creatures always get dv/ts
  • solo/ori: random generation would not give dark-casting creatures dv
  • solo/ori: arrows now generate as a bundle of 10000, instead of 1
  • solo/ori: arrows now generate at a separate tier from weapons, preventing them from being absolutely busted
  • solo/ori: items now have a level requirement
  • solo/ori: crafted weapons are the correct tiers now (4/7)
  • solo/ori: gift boxes no longer drop
  • solo/ori: all stat items have been moved to the neck slot
  • solo/ori: shops now cost much, much more to get cons
  • solo/ori: green npcs are now extremely powerful, and can hold their own for a little while longer
  • solo/ori: fixed item generation to never have question marks
  • npc on npc violence is now much faster, and stronger - they do 5x more damage to each other than to players to accelerate them killing each other in conflict situations
  • fixed a horrific bug where you could pick up a corpse to reset the items it was holding and search it again (thanks Endzz)
  • tanning will now search the corpse and drop items on the ground
  • when making a macro with a hotkey and trying to backspace/delete it, it will now properly clear the field
  • dogs and hostile npcs now get unique messages when you say hello to them
  • balance: damage on FL cats, brigands, thermidors has been scaled down slightly As always you can find the full changelog here.

What’s Coming Up?

As luck would have it, I now have to rewrite the entire spell system, based on some awkward interactions I encountered this week. So, the next blog post will be not nearly so interesting (and I have no idea how long this will take), but it’s what’s coming up next.

As always you can find the full roadmap here.

Until next time,

  • Seiyria