Land of the Rair Dev Blog #29 - Fixes & Balance!

Feb 25, 2022 • Seiyria

Hey everyone! Feels good to ship all this cool stuff. We’ve got some UI improvements this week, some “just cool” features, and some rebalancing!

Bigger Ground Window

I’ve added a new option to the options menu to allow players to have a slightly larger ground menu. This one will scroll downwards, and have support for two rows. Future iterations could support a larger window yet, but I’ll let this one bake for a while before adding more.

This was asked for forever ago, and it turned out to be pretty easy! Enjoy.

Session Stats

I saw this talked about in another server about another game. Right now, the stats I track for leaderboards and such is fairly small, but I copied those stats on a per session basis too. So, when you exit to lobby, you get to see a brief recap of your time in the lands! Please note, in this image, it shows kills a few times because I was testing something. Ordinarily it will not do that.

Banner Messages

Now, the game can send context specific messages (“banner messages”) to you when certain things are happening. There is an option to toggle them so they don’t show up in the log, but they’ll always show up on-screen for a few seconds.

These will help with sharing some telegraphs like with the existing “hard” bosses. They’ll also be useful for other things going forward!

New Macro Settings

Something I always strive to improve is the user experience with automation, and playability with macros. While automation is satisfying for me, it is generally at odds with what a dev would focus on, but I felt this was important for a few specific useful macros, so I went ahead and did it anyway.

You can now add things such as $first, $random, $strongest, $weakest, $farthest, and $closest to your macros for targetting purposes, such as with cast cure $weakestplayer. You can find a full list of options here (scroll down to “Advanced Macro Substitutions”).


Mage got a bit of a rebalance to feel more viable, and it’s gotten a stamp of approval so far! There are a few facets here:

  • There is a new stance for energy, Wizard Stance. It has baked in Protection/Absorption that functions approximately 25% better than your existing spells, but does not stack with them. Additionally, it will respond to incoming magic attacks with energy damage (similar to glacier stance does with physical)
  • The multipliers have been adjusted for Hail, Combust, MagicMissile, IceMist, FireMist, and EnergyWave to bring them more in line with each other
  • Imbue abilities, when paired with the corresponding stance, will now respond with spells instead of raw damage (where applicable) in addition to the normal effects of the Imbue. This means that if you strike while in volcano stance, physically, you will cast combust instead of dealing raw fire damage; if you get hit with magic while in wizard stance, it will respond with magic missile; and if you get hit physically while in glacier stance, it will respond with hail.

Warrior also got a few smallish changes, I think mostly to bring Cleave up in damage. It sees a few new skills as well to bring more options to the toolkit, and unarmored savant was weakened for non-monk-spec characters.

Other Fixes & Features

  • npcs will now sometimes start with potions in their sack, and use them
  • the macro creator has been fixed to allow you to utilize the “For” section for default macros (attack, throw, kick, charge)
  • there is a new trait for cleave to add bleed damage periodically
  • cleave has been made static damage-wise
  • cleave now does a bit more damage
  • new rage attack: mad dash. 30 second cooldown, generate 30 rage, acts as a charge
  • new rage attack: ragerang. throw your weapon, dealing massive damage. costs 10 rage.
  • new thief trait: bouncing arrows. same as bouncing throws, except with ranged weapons.
  • the maze ghost now applies a fear debuff instead of stunning you (fundamentally the same, but you will run around randomly instead of standing still)
  • there are new face commands, to face a specific direction (ie, for sitting at a table)
  • fixed the description generator for effects
  • fixed stances being able to be active simultaneously
  • unarmored savant now only gives half the bonus if players have a weapon in hand
  • npcs can now spawn with a few new modifiers that add effects instead of stat boosts, which will give them fire/ice damage on hit, and give them other effects such as Haste, FleetOfFoot, DeftStrikes, CombatPower, and Spellshield.
  • since the modkit can introduce items that don’t exist normally, and mods can be removed at any time, items that “don’t exist” anymore are removed from your character and account automatically on login to character (they will show as invalid items in the lobby screen)
  • there is a new question mark sprite for item sprite id 0, and the existing amulet was moved to id ~1344 (as I may use it one day)
  • the game can now load modkits dynamically, and there is a new repository to submit modkits to, with a small example of my own there
  • healing will no longer flag combat music
  • you can now buff and heal players that are hostile to you (previously, any hostility would disable support spells)
  • the client libraries have been significantly updated and should perform much better

As always you can find the full changelog here.

What’s Coming Up?

Solokar, a totally randomly generated dungeon. I’ll likely be heads down on this for a few weeks, if I manage to finish it soon at all (this will be a busy month coming up!). It’ll be fun, and I’ll post progress pics in Discord!

As always you can find the full roadmap here.

Until next time,

  • Seiyria