Land of the Rair Dev Blog #33 - Further Miscellaneous Improvements & Builds

Jul 1, 2022 • Seiyria

Hey everyone! A few more miscellaneous fixes. We’ll also talk about rebalancing the game, and how that will be getting much, much easier with this update. This post is actually the culmination of a larger pending update, so I’ll detail all of that here as well.

Full Physical Rebalance + HP Downscaling + Challenge Rating

It’s been coming for a while. I sat down and downscaled the HP globally through the game, so creatures have far less HP. With this, I’ve also downscaled weapon damage significantly, to bring everything into fair parity. This should let weapons be viable for longer. Creature balance is tricky, but I hope this is a step in the right direction!

Additionally, creatures now work on a “Challenge Rating” system. Creatures are now given HP, MP, Gold, Damage, XP, Stats, and Skills based on their level (if not otherwise specified). A lot of creatures will only take HP, Gold, Damage, and XP from these values (most of them still have specific stat and skill loadouts). This should help balancing the game as it’ll be more balanced around level instead of what felt right. This will also make future balancing more straightforward.

Magic downscaling will come after this, but at an indeterminate time.

Rune Codex + Traits + Builds = Talents

You can now save builds to quickly go back and try out different loadouts for your characters.

As part of streamlining features, it made sense to begin consolidating like-features. Saving just your traits when saving a build made no sense, as they’d often have dependencies on the runes as well. So, they got merged! That way you can see your builds in a one-stop shop: Talents.

Other Fixes & Features

  • there is now an option to show raw HP values on creatures, instead of percents
  • there is now a way to balance spells live by changing their potencyMultiplier, which will make testing magic changes a bit easier
  • if your sub runs out and you try to log into sub castle (or any other sub area), you’ll properly get teleported out
  • the mod tools have been updated to support “challenge rating”
  • boss creatures now scale HP based on their level, with a multiplier, instead of having a yolo value
  • the encruster in frostlands has been bumped to be able to use level 40 gems
  • creatures that do not set their stats / skills now are auto-balanced based on CR
  • abomniblus will now drop his club 100% of the time, always
  • the teleport list has been changed to support more teleports visually
  • sweep should now always hit creatures
  • outgoing damage effects should no longer be triggered by mirror damage
  • market now properly gives gold to the seller
  • all mage summons have been buffed
  • thief now checks for HP instead of MP when attempting to cast a spell
  • light is now wider and lasts longer by default
  • gems can now be selected from the Solo/Ori pylons
  • familiars now start with darkvision for free
  • fate cards now require level 15
  • enemies will now show their level
  • thermal barrier now updates the tooltips of the spells it affects
  • light can now be cast directionally
  • artificer will now work on claws and gloves
  • solo/ori dungeon configs updated for some erroneous generation situations
  • hidden walls should now correctly be visible for all types of walls that support them
  • mocking shout and enrage now give 10x~ more agro
  • AP fixes for ancient survival
  • added CR system
  • there is now a thieves guild, thief only
  • mage fire stance will no longer double-kill enemies
  • level requirements added to t1-5 scrolls
  • big fix to RNG items allowing them to get normal stats
  • the healers inside ori/solo will not respawn you anymore
  • shift+clicking skill points will spend them without a confirmation dialog
  • frost knights are weaker now
  • trait: gemsense - thieves can now assess gems at a higher level than before
  • new information added to loginfo interface (&showcombatdebug)
  • training should no longer break your character
  • rerolling will no longer bind random lockers to your character, allowing you infinite resources from lockers you don’t have access to normally
  • items that drop in stacks would previously bind the entire stack (e.g. minotaur duelist axes), and no longer do
  • stealth effect now only shows on hidden creatures again
  • ori/solo now have new craftable items
  • conjure healing is improved
  • custom CSS can now be added to the game if desired
  • thief weapons are never hitting at “very low” damage proficiency, and are now upscaled automatically for being a thief
  • thieves have improved hp recovery while hidden
  • there are now new recipes for flowers from ori/solo that create ih/mp potions
  • killing any target (via a coincidence, like AoE) will no longer reset your current target
  • when you get stunned, it now tells you who stunned you
  • if a hostile mob can no longer see you, the bar is now black to quickly identify targets who can see you
  • players no longer see SetTraps in the ground client-side, and can no longer pick them up via command
  • you can no longer encrust arrows
  • antanian cons use unrefined scales now for alchemy
  • rift slash now checks range when attacking
  • thief mp regen trait is now at level 10 to make it more accessible
  • you can no longer encrust conjured weapons
  • apply now lasts 30 minutes by default, up from 5
  • ori/solo rewards are now at least always “Powerful” (tier 2 of 3) when taking a non-gem
  • you can now click grey-tagged creatures and have auto attack work when they turn red
  • some text entry fixes breaking with aoes

As always you can find the full changelog here.

What’s Coming Up?

I still haven’t started rewriting the spell system. I’ll get there, eventually…

As always you can find the full roadmap here.

Until next time,

  • Seiyria