Land of the Rair Dev Blog #32 - Miscellaneous Improvements

Apr 1, 2022 • Seiyria

Hey everyone! Bit of a miscellaneous fixes sort of week this week. It’s been a bit slow, admittedly trying to work out how to rewrite the spell system has been a bit more difficult than previously expected.

New Error Logger

Now, if errors happen in the client and I ask to see if there are any, they’re in a unified location, tallied by the number of times they happen. These can be found in Menu > Errors.

Permanent Identification

When casting Identify, or getting an item identified by the NPC who can help with that, the result is permanently stored on a per-item basis. This means that you will forever know what an item does the moment you identify it! This should add some real, tangible value to the identify spell while making it a bit less tedious to figure out what items do.


Darwin has a new friend: the Culinarian! The Culinarian can identify food using the new “Foodsense” ability, which is now also available to Healers. It’ll tell you about any food. Given the temporary nature of food, it is not “permanently” identified like other items can be.

Other Fixes & Features

  • vitalessence will no longer decrement with healing
  • “yellow town walls” now have TrueSight enabled
  • con potions now have a recipe at each tier
  • multishot no longer works with a shield and shortbow in hand
  • stat scaling added for all stats
  • teleport will no longer go on cooldown by opening the menu
  • plague will no longer spread if it’s near the end of it’s lifetime
  • tile sprites have been fixed
  • current HP is visible on the character select screen
  • home page errors have been cleaned up
  • ori/solo: items have been fixed to have proper typings (old items may be updated, but not necessarily)
  • identify now shows the correct item when it has a modified sprite
  • corpses are now prioritized in the ground menu (coin > corpse > rest)
  • encruster will be able to show gem info for the currently encrusted gem if you hold an encrusted item and nothing else
  • dragging a plant into the material storage manually will no longer let you exceed the cap
  • codex / book / page add interactions have been fixed up
  • new talent: Foodsense - healers can now identify food abilities
  • new talent: Big Belt - you can now belt halberds, for a cost
  • balance: damage on FL remorhaz has been scaled down slightly

As always you can find the full changelog here.

What’s Coming Up?

I still haven’t started rewriting the spell system. I’ll get there, eventually…

As always you can find the full roadmap here.

Until next time,

  • Seiyria