Land of the Rair Dev Blog #27 - Modkit Work & Rebalancing

Feb 11, 2022 • Seiyria

Hey everyone! It sure has been a long time. Jobs are a rough thing, but I’ve finally got a good balance where I can contribute a little more to Rair now than before. So, this past week I fixed and published a ton of fixes, as well as I’ve made a ton of progress on the mod kit. There’s a lot of cool things to cover, so lets get to it!

The Mod Kit

The mod kit has been coming along really well. I now have a basic editor in place for quests and NPC scripts. Unfortunately, you’ll need to know the YML formatting for creating behaviors and dialog options for an NPC, but luckily most of it is copy-pastable. I will like to expand on this in the future.

There is a new “Validate Mod” option, which will show you unused, broken, or other general issues with your mods.

Currently, I’m working on a flow that will allow for you to test your content locally by hitting a button, as well! I think this will make it much easier for users to test their own stuff to make sure it works as expected. Here’s a bit of a list based on what’s working and what remains for that feature:

  • [x] make the web client accept connecting to a local URL (ie, a local server)
  • [x] add a binary build for the server that can be downloaded and ran (for local testing)
  • [x] add a way to quickly get and set up a mongodb instance to test with
  • [ ] add new parameters to the server to run in “test mode” and quickly boot to a map

Suffice to say, that feature is almost complete, and it’s arguably the coolest feature in the whole kit!

As for things I would like to see done before the mod kit is fully released, I have a bit to do yet:

  • all of the old content needs to be retrofitted into a mod kit
  • the game needs to support the new mod kit format
  • I need a place and workflow for user submitted modkits
  • I need a way to add “dependencies” to other mods, so mods can rely on mods

Unfortunately, I’d say we’re hardly halfway there. The UI work is mostly done, but there remains a lot of unknowns when it comes to the mod kit dependencies and such. But, one step at a time.

Other Fixes & Features

While the bulk of my work lately was the mod kit, here are the features and bugfixes that made it in (that are of note):


  • there is now rank 3 identify, and the only NPC who has it is the identifier in Rylt, it will now identify all specific stat boosts
  • rerolling a character will preserve 50% XP, move 100% of skill to paid, and keep lockers
  • players will unflag skills after 30 seconds of idle automatically
  • you can now trigger your own cure trap
  • halloween zombies created by a scratch will die automatically after 5 minutes to prevent staleness
  • resurrection sickness debuff applies -3 to all stats post-res (NOT restore)
  • you now get a frame of invulnerability any time you come back to life
  • new trait: everyone: expand your iframes
  • new trait: healer: snap heal - auto heal when reviving someone
  • new trait: everyone: get more health back when you revive (up to 50%)


  • you can now reset your password after logging in via “forgot password”
  • the email provider for “forgot password” is no longer gmail, and should theoretically always work now (but goes to the spam folder :()
  • venom will now properly give a macro for users to use
  • a few crash bugs are fixed
  • a few discord-related bugs are fixed
  • phantom items could sometimes be created in unique conditions, but this is no longer the case, so the ground is once again pure
  • you can no longer eat rocks
  • trainers will only ever show a max of 99.999% to avoid weird issues where they could display 100%
  • the PWA for Rair works correctly now
  • VitalEssence is now recastable to refresh it
  • AoE spells will now consume mp no matter what
  • you can now have permanent and non permanent effects that would normally override each other together, such as the CTonwin Dagger and the Frost Chakram, as well as a third imbue type that is non permanent
  • attempt to fix chain stunning again
  • resurrect will not let you spam on one corpse

As always you can find the full changelog here.

What’s Coming Up?

There’s still a lot of modkit work to do, but we’re closing in on what I hope to be the end.

As always you can find the full roadmap here.

Until next time,

  • Seiyria