Land of the Rair Dev Blog #22 - Yzalt & Tower

Apr 30, 2021 • Seiyria

Hey everyone! This is a pretty exciting week. Two new maps have been shipped: Yzalt and the Tower of Selen. This will introduce progression up to about level 20. Additionally, there was a lot of cool new features released this week! Without further ado, lets look at what happened this week.


Yzalt, the land of cursed apples. This is the second map in the game, after Rylt, and it introduces a faction conflict (Heniz/Steffen), a few new bosses, the first practical instanced fight, and some quests.

In Yzalt, you can also find the first batch of randomized gear, as well as a few other goodies!

Tower of Selen

The Tower of Selen, a pillar that takes all who climb it into the sky. This is the third map in the game, after Yzalt, and it introduces some new aspects to the game. Firstly, you can spend gold to increase your HP if you find the right vendor. Secondly, there are some hidden vendors here with some secrets!

This area is a hub of sorts, eventually providing access to Dedlaen Maze and the Risan Mines.

Dynamic Events

This release also introduces a new dynamic event system to the game. In the past, events like the Steffen/Heniz raids were things that happened every 15 minutes and that was really it. There wasn’t any telegraphing, and it really just occurred.

This system will telegraph events and broadcast a message when an event starts. For now, there is only two events: the Heniz raid and the Steffen raid. Eventually, there will be more world events!

Highlighting the World

Some interactables in the world get a highlight when you hover over them! So far, this includes stairs and doors. More may come in the future.

The Gray Death

When you die, the world is now grayed out! A nice effect, thanks Wrexbe!

Teleport Improvements

Teleport and memorize now provide you with an action popup! You can always cast teleport <mylocation> or memorize <mylocation> manually to bypass this if desired.

Account Login Improvements

Some improvements were made to the account/login area of the game. You can now:

  • verify your email
  • request a temporary password in case you forget yours
  • change your account email

You can find these features on the login screen (forgot password), and in the account popup in the lobby.

Other Fixes & Features

  • succor can no longer go in locker or pouch
  • conjured items can no longer go in locker or pouch
  • training dummy AI added
  • instanced fights added: insane ranata, crazed tonwin, sedgwick
  • sub castle daily vendor now uses daily items
  • buying items will no longer let you sell them back for profit
  • cleave range fixed
  • AI can use find familiar now
  • find familiar no longer lets you have multiple
  • login improvements
  • darkvision was tweaked
  • new option to not attack grey tags automatically
  • AI thieves can no longer steal from range
  • improvements to “enter to show CMD” option
  • trait scroll pool adjusted for new trait list
  • npc enemies can now send messages in combat
  • poison/disease no longer bypass damage reduction
  • game images were compressed massively, which should improve load speed
  • all classes can charge by default
  • almost all monster skills have been added
  • some new bard traits were added to buff self while singing
  • ether tree will no longer follow you if you attack it
  • holiday traits were added
  • holiday items were added
  • threatMultiplier stat was added
  • resetting traits now cancels stances
  • encumberance lowers movement to 1
  • brass knuckles was nerfed
  • some spells targetting behavior were fixed
  • can add coins to a full sack now

As always you can find the full changelog here.

What’s Coming Up?

The Maze, and maybe some other maps if time permits. Everyone loves the Maze! Also, I would like to finish fleshing out Sub Castle NPCs.

As always you can find the full roadmap here.

Until next time,

  • Seiyria