Land of the Rair Dev Blog #21 - Fighting and Singing

Apr 23, 2021 • Seiyria

Hey everyone! Another week of spells and traits. And a lot more! Good news: Warrior and Thief are completely finished (whew!). I’ve also gotten a lot of help from a new contributor, Wrexbe! I’ll highlight those contributions and I get the feeling it’s something you’ll all like. On top of all this, Thief got a new spec, which I’ll talk about as well.

The Shadowsong

I’d like to take the first block here to highlight the Shadowsong, the new spec for Thief. Shadowsong is a hybrid archer/bard spec, in that it gets some traits to buff bow attacks, and some traits to do some singing. These songs are buffs, debuffs, heals, and damaging spells that happen continuously.

You cannot hide while singing, unless you have the final trait (“Shadowsong”). Singing will also drain your MP as a Thief, but there is a trait that restores MP on attack so you can maintain 100% song uptime if you’re constantly attacking.

Shadowsong also brings with it a new damage type, Sonic damage. Sonic damage is a type of magic damage that is not mitigateable (currently) by magic resist, nor are there any items to lower Sonic damage. You can think of it as absolute or pure damage. There are no plans to give Sonic damage to anything else just yet.

Target Highlight

Contributed by Wrexbe, there’s now a faint red outline around the creature you’re currently targetting!

Shopkeeper Appraisal

Suggested by Wrexbe, there is now a way to appraise items at any shopkeeper. You might notice a new coins icon in the shopkeeper title bar. Hit that, and you’ll get a prompt telling you how valuable the item in your right hand is. It’ll even have a quick option to sell it!

Weapon Specialties

Warrior now has the ability to “specialize” in a weapon by spending a TP. You can specialize in any kind of weapon in the game.

The Other Spells & Traits

  • Aria of Refuge (Thief) - boost physical/magical resist for allies
  • Backstab (Thief) - do massive damage but consume hidden status
  • Blindstrike (Warrior) - attack a random creature on your tile, regardless of whether you can see them
  • BlurredVision (none) - new effect that lowers perception of the target
  • Carrot Vision (All) - boost perception
  • Chain Kunai (Thief) - attack, pull, and lock the target in place
  • Deadly Dirge (Thief) - attack a random creature with sonic damage
  • Debilitate (Thief) - lower the perception of the target
  • Disguise (Thief) - attempt to blend in with enemies for a short period
  • Jumpkick (Warrior) - attack with boots and move towards a creature
  • MultiShot (Thief) - attack multiple times with a ranged weapon
  • Multistrike (Warrior) - attack multiple creatures on your tile
  • Power Ballad (Thief) - boost nearby allies str, int, wis
  • Wistful Fugue (Thief) - lower nearby enemies dex, agi, wil
  • Rapidpunch (Warrior) - punch a creature multiple times
  • Shadow Clones (Thief) - summon shadow clones that can hide and backstab - these creatures copy your existing weapons as well
  • Shadowmeld (Thief) - magically hide, consuming no stealth, for a short period of time
  • Shield (Warrior) - boost physical resistances
  • Sweep (Warrior) - kick multiple creatures on your tile
  • Apply (Thief) - apply a debuff to your weapon attacks - bottles can be purchased from thief vendors
  • Thruststrike (Warrior) - a better charge, attacking twice and charging towards enemies
  • Tranquil Trill (Thief) - heal nearby allies
  • Transmute (Thief) - turn all untied items on your tile to gold
  • Disarm (Thief) - disarm a trap you can see
  • Set (Thief) - set a trap on the ground - traps can be purchased from the thief vendor
  • Turtle Stance (Warrior) - increase defensive stats and lower offensive stats
  • Tiger Stance (Warrior) - increase offensive stats and lower defensive stats
  • Venom (Thief) - an advanced, stronger poison ability
  • Vortex (Thief) - pull in items from all nearby tiles to the current one
  • Appraise (Thief) - appraise item coin value by looking at them
  • Better Backstab (Thief) - increase backstab damage significantly
  • Brass Knuckles (Warrior) - increase melee damage with fists
  • Consuming Rage (Warrior) - some attacks consume rage to do more damage
  • Corrosive Poison (Thief) - poison spell also lowers defense of target
  • Darkness Widen (Thief) - casting darkness is bigger
  • Degenerative Venom (Thief) - venom also lowers perception of target
  • Dirge of Cerberus (Thief) - Deadly Dirge can attack more creatures at once
  • Double Thrust (Warrior) - Thruststrike attacks twice
  • Enhanced Applications (Thief) - apply lasts longer
  • Gentle Step (Thief) - stepping on traps will not trigger them
  • Improved Rapidpunch (Warrior) - rapidpunch attacks more times
  • Lockpick Specialty (Thief) - you have an improved chance of success when picking locks
  • Martial Acuity (Warrior) - you have an improved chance to hit when open-handed
  • Martial Agility (Warrior) - you have improved defenses while open-handed
  • Multifocus (Warrior) - lower the defensive penalty from multistrike
  • Multitarget (Warrior) - hit more creatures with multistrike
  • Offensive Encore (Thief) - gain MP when doing a melee attack
  • Philosophers Stone (Thief) - transmute is more profitable
  • Punchkick (Warrior) - jumpkick now does a punch attack as well
  • Reflective Coating (Warrior) - shields have a chance to reflect spells
  • Reusable Traps (Thief) - traps can be triggered multiple times
  • Shaddow Daggers (Thief) - random attacks have a chance to become backstabs
  • Shadow Sheath (Thief) - weapons are easier to conceal
  • Strong Shots (Thief) - arrows do more damage
  • Strong Sweep (Warrior) - sweep does more damage
  • Stronger Traps (Thief) - trap damage is significantly increased
  • Stunning Fist (Warrior) - open fist attacks have an increased chance of stunning
  • Thrown Traps (Thief) - traps can be set anywhere on screen
  • Triple Shot (Thief) - multishot now fires an additional arrow
  • Unarmored Savant (Warrior) - mitigation is set to a base of 60 if your main armor slot is a fur, cloak, robe, or empty
  • Wider Traps (Thief) - AoE traps are a tile wider

As always you can find the full changelog here.

Other Fixes & Features

  • doors can no longer be opened from anywhere (Wrexbe)
  • there is now an option to automatically log in your last logged-in character (Wrexbe)
  • creating a character will assign the correct mp/hp (Wrexbe)
  • ounces were not showing correctly in shops (Wrexbe)
  • login dupe bug addressed (Wrexbe)
  • build/dev fixes (Wrexbe)
  • offhand attacks only happen if you have a weapon in your main hand
  • permanent effect fixes
  • added place command
  • added sheathe command
  • added wield command
  • added write command
  • damage now varies a bit in the early levels

What’s Coming Up?

Yzalt! We’ll finally get this show on the road so you can try out all these new spells I’ve added.

As always you can find the full roadmap here.

Until next time,

  • Seiyria