Land of the Rair Dev Blog #20 - Magic and Shouting

Apr 16, 2021 • Seiyria

Hey everyone! Another week of spells and traits. Mage is complete now! Warrior is actually also really close - I only have two more specs to add for it, and I’ve already got a good start on Paladin. Warrior should be in a good spot next week. Also, stances have made their way back this week!


Stances are permanent buffs that give you various effects. For Mages, they have opposite fire/ice stances that increase outgoing damage for each respective element. Fire stance makes it so you do damage when you attack, and ice stance makes it so when you take damage you can fight back with ice.

Generally, stances will come in pairs to provide some varied options. For this reason, Warrior also has two stances (currently): parry and rage. Rage stance buffs their rage generation and outgoing damage, while parry significantly reduces their incoming damage.

Warriors are a bit unique in that they need weapons to take a stance, but they need weapons for most of their abilities anyway so this isn’t too strange.

The Other Spells & Traits

  • Boost (Warrior) - +str/dex/agi
  • Glacier Stance (Mage) - +outgoing ice damage, defensive
  • Fire Stance (Mage) - +outgoing fire damage, offensive
  • Mocking Shout (Warrior) - taunt all enemies in AoE
  • Parry Stance (Warrior) - reduce incoming damage and outgoing damage
  • Rage Stance (Warrior) - increase outgoing damage and incoming damage
  • Provoke (Warrior) - taunt a single target
  • Boosted Boost (Warrior) - increase boosts capabilities
  • Glowing Weapon (Warrior) - when parrying, you can also parry magic attacks
  • Offhand Finesse (Warrior) - increase damage for your offhand weapons
  • Riposte (Warrior) - when parrying, you have a chance to counter attack
  • Shieldbearer (Warrior) - you can get effects for shields in both hands
  • Sterling Armor (Warrior) - chance to ignore incoming glancing blows
  • Strong Mind (Mage) - apply part of your INT to your attack stat
  • Vicious Assault (Warrior) - when in rage stance, chance to cleave when attacking
  • Silver Skin (Warrior) - reduce incoming physical damage
  • Holy Protection (Warrior) - reduce incoming magical damage

As always you can find the full changelog here.

What’s Coming Up?

More spells! More traits! Almost done with Warrior, then Thief!

As always you can find the full roadmap here.

Until next time,

  • Seiyria