Land of the Rair Dev Blog #19 - Magery and Healcraft

Apr 9, 2021 • Seiyria

Hey everyone! Another week of spells and traits. Some good news: Healer is complete (notwithstanding new potential traits/spells), and Mage is almost complete! Mage only has a few more spells to go for Battlemage and it’s done as well. After that, onto Warrior and Thief, and those shouldn’t be too bad compared to some of the Healer/Mage spells! Lets talk about the new features this week.


This week came with 9 new spells (2 reserved for holidays) that summon Familiars. Healers can summon a Light Spirit (heals allies), a Water Spirit (buffs allies) and a Nature Spirit (debuffs enemies). These are meant to augment Healers existing playstyles. Mages can summon a Bear (tank), Wolf (melee DPS), Chillspider (frost melee DPS), and a Salamander (fire magic DPS). Familiars will only exist in the zone you’re currently in, so if you change maps, they’ll poof. Additionally, your Familiars will grant a stat buff while they’re up! And finally, they will follow you around. If they ever leave your vision, they’ll come right back. You can use this to cart them around the map, as well.

Party Damage

This is a pretty straightforward bit, but I wanted to mention it separately. You can no longer damage your allies with AOE spells (Mages rejoice!). This means the related traits (FriendlyFire) will no longer exist as they’re unnecessary. It’s tedious and unfun, so it’s gone.


I’ve also added Invisibility this week. This spell will, as you might guess, make you invisible, and unable to be seen. In general! If a creature has TrueSight, not only will they see hidden doors, but they’ll see you being invisible. The average creatures don’t have or cast this spell, so it can be used to recover gear or scout, but you have to be careful of those that do have it!


Teleportation has come this week as well! If you learn the Teleport spell, you get access to some new commands: memorize and forget. You can use these spells to name any location in the game and teleport back to it later. However, some places cannot be memorized in - they’ll let you know.

If you ever want to check your teleport locations, do cast teleport or cast massteleport without specifying a location; it will show them to you, something like this:

You can also learn the MassTeleport spell to transport groups of players to a location. And, finally, if you find yourself not having enough teleport locations, there is a trait that will let you learn more.

The Other Spells & Traits

  • Antipode (Mage) - casts a bolt that hits with fire and ice simultaneously
  • Asper (Mage) - leech MP from a target
  • Drain (Mage) - leech HP from a target
  • Augury (Healer) - can divine the location of a target to see if it’s alive
  • Autoheal (Healer) - automatically heal when you fall below a health threshold
  • Conjure Sword/Shield (Mage) - Conjure a dual-wieldable sword and/or a shield that scales with your Conjuration skill
  • Energywave (Mage) - an AoE spell that hits targets near you and pushes them
  • FindFamiliar (Mage, Healer) - described above
  • FireMist (Mage) - fire AoE
  • IceMist (Mage) - ice AoE
  • Firethorns (Mage) - fire retaliate buff
  • Icespikes (Mage) - ice retaliate buff
  • Imbue Flame (Mage) - fire attack buff
  • Imbue Frost (Mage) - ice attack buff
  • Imbue Energy (Mage) - energy attack buff
  • Invisibility (Mage) - described above
  • Magic Mirror (Mage) - reflect spells back to the caster a % of the time
  • Plague (Healer) - replaces Poison, Healers can now only do Disease damage
  • Rift Slash (Mage) - like charge, but unaffected by movement penalties
  • Teleport (Mage) - teleport yourself to a memorized location
  • MassTeleport (Mage) - teleport yourself and all on your tile to a memorized location
  • Energy Wave Widen (Mage) - Energy Wave can hit an additional tile outward
  • Asper Slash (Mage) - Automatically cast Asper when attacking, sometimes
  • Drain Slash (Mage) - Automatically cast Drain when attacking, sometimes
  • Blinding Light (Healer) - Make Blind more likely to hit
  • Bouncing Missiles (Mage) - Magic Missile can bounce to an additional target
  • Concussive Bolt (Mage) - Magic Bolt can stun on contact
  • Contagious Plague (Healer) - Plague can spread to an additional target
  • Dazing Outlook (Healer) - Daze is more likely to hit
  • Irresistible Stun (Healer) - Stun is more likely to hit
  • Debilitating Disease (Healer) - Disease spell lowers resistances of target
  • Effective Supportert (Healer) - Buff spells last longer
  • Forged Fire (Mage) - Heat builds up faster
  • Chilled Core (Mage) - Frost builds up faster
  • Lighten Armor (Mage) - Can wear heavy armor without encumberance penalties
  • Missile Barrage (Mage) - Magic Missile can attack more times
  • Roots (Healer) - Snare can completely lock a target in place

As always you can find the full changelog here.

What’s Coming Up?

More spells! More traits! Almost done with Mage, then Warrior, then Thief!

As always you can find the full roadmap here.

Until next time,

  • Seiyria