Land of the Rair Dev Blog #23 - V2.0.0: The Biggest Yet

May 7, 2021 • Seiyria

Hey everyone! Lots of exciting weeks lately. This week was more exciting than more for me because I’m officially calling this version 2.0.0 for Land of the Rair 2. All of the maps are complete, a lot of bugs were fixed, a lot of cool new things were added. This is going to be a pretty long post, so lets get into it!

Tutorial Changes

Some small changes were made to the tutorial to encourage players to finish it out. All characters will now get a unique item from the tutorial for their class.

Additionally, to make casters a bit less tedious, they’ve been given 10 free MP regen on top of their base.

Dedlaen Maze

The land of the forgotten, Dedlaen Maze. This sprawling area is filled with caverns, hallways, and all sorts of creatures to cut through! There are goblins, undead, and nagas. The Dark Lord is constantly sending his undead to attack the Maze Town, and the Maze is guarding a hidden creature with a delicious egg, coveted by all.

This area offers a wide variety of gear up through level 18 or so, as well as some good experience and gold farming opportunities!

Risan Mines

The floating mines, where those from Risan mine for Machleum, an ancient but powerful ore. There are dangers aplenty here, including a big bird, lots of rockmen, and the dangerous gas vents of the mines that craze all near it!

This area offers a handful of unique items, as well as some new questing opportunities, and lots of ore to find!


The frozen kingdom, the Frostlands. All of Risan is overseen from the gigantic castle in the center of the chilled town. Constantly under siege by brigands and the ancient horrors of Risan itself, this town is fighting back and trying to get the monsters under control.

This area offers a lot of unique items, some valuable class progression, and a huge map to explore, as well as a secret!

Frozen Catacombs

The catacombs beneath Risan’s castle town are littered with undead of all sorts. It wasn’t always undead, though; there used to be a town where the catacombs are. When the islands were torn from the earth and lifted into the sky, most everyone in ancient Risan died, except for one famous necromancer who now seeks revenge on King Risa himself.

This area offers progression to level 50, as well as a host of new items!

Steelrose Market

The Steelrose Market is back and better than ever. The Steelrose is the hub of all commerce in game, allowing players to sell items without being online, and being able to pick items up any time or cancel their listings.

The UI is improved over the last version, taxes are simpler now (you pay 5% of the item value + 5% of the sell price) and more items can be sold than before.

Additionally, the market posts in Discord any time a new item is listed, so you can keep an eye on items from outside the game!

Sell All

Every vendor now has a new button to allow you to sell all of an item type from your sack to them. The UI is a bit improved over the last version, and should help you sell your gems in a jiffy.

Party XP

Now, party XP share is shown in the party window. Party XP scaling was also updated so you can’t have a level 1 and 50 in the same party and get an appreciable amount of experience. You can experiment with the cuts yourself to see how they work!

Rare Monsters

Rare monsters (“Avatar Spawn”) are a new event that will spawn a random rare creature in the world. Rare creatures are generally harder than their zone, have a bit more HP, and have a unique, untied item. So, if you find the creature, you can use the item, tie it to yourself, or sell it on the market.

Rare monsters do not have a fixed spawn point. They can spawn anywhere where there’s a little bit of open space on a map (so no closed, tiny areas). The monsters are grey tag until you attack them as well, giving you an opportunity to call for help before engaging.

The maps that currently have rare creatures are: Rylt, Yzalt, Tower of Selen, Risan Mines, Frostlands. Other maps may see some rare spawns eventually, but it’s a bit challenging to come up with some unique items on a whim. So, the items created are: Boots, Breastplate, Cloak, Staff, Sword. A little bit of something for everyone!

Best of luck finding them!

Global Viewer

Character information can now be easily shared with other players. In the lobby, there is now a “Global viewer” link on each character that sends you to a link like this, which lets you view characters important stats.

Other Fixes & Features

  • More items can stack now (Wrexbe)
  • Revive should no longer bug out (Wrexbe)
  • Clean up ground saving (Wrexbe)
  • Upgrader / Encruster NPCs now tie items (Sarimash)
  • Item dropping from dropPool NPCs drop the correct number of items (Sarimash)
  • EXP gain works on all maps correctly (Sarimash)
  • Floors are now visually cut correctly on the left side (Wrexbe)
  • Daily quests have gotten fixed (Seiyria/Wrexbe)
  • Binder NPC was added (Sarimash)
  • Lobby was improved (Wrexbe)
  • UI Window dragging performs significantly better (Wrexbe)
  • The mouse wheel can now scroll through lockers
  • Items you can’t use can no longer block in combat
  • Events are rarer than last week
  • All subscriber castle npcs work
  • More raid events have been added
  • Development process is a bit simpler
  • New events to gain double rep and double harvest from resources
  • Some warrior spells have gotten cooldowns
  • Bear smoothie is now more useful than before
  • There is now one thief-only area in the game
  • Alignment no longer exists for most purposes
  • Level 20-50 now add a static amount of XP per level so they’re not the exact same XP
  • Newbie buff only works under level 10
  • Volcano stance and other on-hit effects will no longer trigger a kill twice
  • Double-buffing with equip items will no longer remove the buff on equip of the second item
  • Weapon encrusts now work for gloves and claws
  • Succor rings were re-adding to some shops
  • Some new help guides were added
  • The “dying border” threshold is configurable now (instead of being stuck at 25% HP)
  • Players who never refund traits no longer get a free one
  • Bouncing missiles no longer hits grey tags
  • Songs flag thievery skill
  • Destroy-on-drop items will not go to the ground automatically on right click
  • Nerf saraxa wand
  • Rename warrior wand specialty
  • Songs uncast when re-using the skill
  • Identify will now show the trait of the item
  • Cosmetics are now visible in the silver store before buying
  • You can no longer drink while stunned
  • Divine Dancing, a new trait, was added
  • Combat will no longer send multiple sound effects for multi-hit attacks
  • Lockers now have a dropdown instead of tabs for navigation
  • show stats leader will show your leader board stats
  • Bosses now respawn correctly when their maps are inactive
  • AoE traps now work correctly
  • The game now has a download button in it (in the my game menu)
  • New succor blobs will have the region they were generated in added to them
  • Multi hit skills no longer give skill for each hit
  • Characters will lose invalid runes from their codex on login now
  • Casting multiple buffs at the same time will no longer overlap on the left side
  • Non-subscribers can no longer walk around in subscriber-only maps
  • Thieves can hide in the dark again
  • Prot spells now have a static value calculated for them, instead of being random/dynamic
  • Invis is removed upon attacking again
  • Remove EagleEye from warrior, rename to Sharp Vision
  • Festivals no longer stack incorrectly
  • Daily flags are stored on the account instead of the character, so rerolling will no longer let you redo those quests
  • The desktop client can now open external links - if you would like this feature, you’ll need to re-download the game

As always you can find the full changelog here.

What’s Coming Up?

Holiday events still need fixing, tradeskills need to get implemented, AXP still needs to be added properly.

As always you can find the full roadmap here.

Until next time,

  • Seiyria