Land of the Rair Dev Blog #17 - Spelling It Out

Mar 26, 2021 • Seiyria

Hey everyone! This week was a little bit slow. To cut right to the chase, I added a few spells and small internal tweaks this week. Spells are an arduous task and there’s so many of them to pull back, so I’ve been doing as much as I can! A full listing of the spells that were added this week are as follows:

  • Snare (Healer)
  • Daze (Healer)
  • Wellspring (Healer)
  • SecondWind (Healer)
  • Aid (Healer)
  • Disease (Healer)
  • BarNecro (Healer)
  • BarFire (Healer, Mage)
  • BarFrost (Healer, Mage)
  • BarWater (Mage)
  • Conjure Healing (Mage)
  • Combust (Mage)
  • Hail (Mage)
  • Haste (Mage)
  • Protection (Mage)
  • Absorption (Mage)
  • EagleEye (Thief)

I’ve also added Charge! Charge is now a Core trait that can be purchased by anyone. No restrictions.

I’ve also scaled back TP per level from 2 to 1. I will likely keep it this way, and award bonus TP in certain situations (such as a one time bonus of +3 when you hit a certain level, or some such). There just aren’t enough traits to justify having 100 TP at level 50.

As always you can find the full changelog here.

What’s Coming Up?

More spells! More traits!

As always you can find the full roadmap here.

Until next time,

  • Seiyria