Land of the Rair Dev Blog #16 - Into Instances

Mar 19, 2021 • Seiyria

Hey everyone! Yet another great week this week. We’re slowly coming back to parity with Rair 1, and there honestly aren’t many major missing features left (ignoring the egregious gap in content and traits, of course). This week brings parties, instanced maps, premium benefits, the leaderboard, some ui changes, the desktop client, and attributes. Which is a lot! So lets dive in:


Yes, parties are back! The UI is revamped to be more in-line with Rair 2s UI, and it’s seen a few improvements too. As with other things, you will not need to use the command line to do anything - all the buttons are there. You can see in my screenshot that I’m the party leader, since I can kick or give the party.

As with before, it shows the location of your party members, up/down if they’re above/below you, and you can leave and break a party with the buttons in the bar (again, you must be the leader). There’s also a new button that isn’t visible here that I’ll explain a bit later on.

Parties will give you XP and Skill if you’re within 7 tiles of the person who did the kill. XP/Skill diminsh as your party size increases, but you get 100% gain in a party of size 4. You lose 15% per party member after that until 6, then 20% per 2 party members until 10. If you have a party of size > 10, you get 5% XP/Skill.

Premium Benefits

Premium is back! As of now, I’ve confirmed that all of the perks in the list work, although cosmetics are unable to be redeemed presently (due to a lack of Cosmetica access). This will be fixed going forward, but know that if you were to get some cosmetics, they’d be waiting for you.

Here is a listing of the premium features that made it in:

  • Shared Locker, so all of your characters can share a locker to share gear
  • Shared Pouch, so all of your characters have a live pouch they can share gear with (any item can be stored here)
  • XP/Skill festivals, doubling XP/Skill gain globally
  • Cosmetics, although they aren’t usable presently
  • More characters, allowing you to get up to 10 character slots
  • Bigger potion stacks, allowing you to utilize the alchemist to get a max of +25 potion ounces, allowing you to hunt longer
  • Expanded material storage, allowing you to get up to 1000 of an item stack in material storage

I know that Rair 1 may have ended inbetween some folks subscriptions and of course there was the silver spent from Rair 1. If you’re a Rair 1 player, I’ll give you 10000 silver and a 12 month sub, no questions asked.


The leaderboard is back, and a little thin, but it’s functional. You can check it out over here. As it turns out, I forgot to store some of the data needed to build the leaderboard, so you’ll see a lot of question marks. But, as you log in and log out again, it should fix that to be your actual character name.

As a bonus, I’ve also made it so the main site now has a little tidbit of information about the game on it in the main area! You’ll see stuff like: “Join the 79 players who have died 40 times!”

Quick UI

The quick UI is back, for those who want it! Condensed hands, money, and potion into one small package for wherever you want to put it.

Auto Exec

Auto Exec, a new feature I came up with this week, has been great for testing. I’ll be leaving this in for anyone who might find it useful.

Basically how it works: when you log in, these commands are executed. So, if you make a party every time you join the game, you can add it to Auto Exec and it will happen every time you log in.

Instanced Maps

Instances are back, and better than ever. To allow players to actually utilize instances in a meaningful way, a few changes happened:

  • Death piles no longer exist inside instances, period, and will not return
  • Item drops originating from players (death, strip, drop, throw) will now always be magically teleported out of the instance to the strip-safe zone outside of the instance. This is to prevent item loss in weird cases, or to prevent griefing.
  • You can now reset party instances. Yes, that’s right! You no longer have to leave an instance, make a new party, rejoin, and go back in to farm. party resetinstances will reset your party instances, assuming no one is inside. Be warned, this will wipe the ground inside, but it also wipes the timers! So, you can go in, kill a lair, reset, and kill again right after. But if you fail to loot anything from an NPC, it’s gone forever. For this reason, players can no longer drop items in instances.

While I do not expect anyone can engage at this time, Crazed Saraxa’s encounter has also been restored to test instances and the logic that goes on behind the scenes for them.

Desktop Client

Yep, you heard me right! You can download the desktop client again right over here! From what I tested, it seems to work fine.

Other Changes

  • Maps that specify no respawn now actually work as expected
  • Ground will never save corpse items
  • Visual fix with search and look not reporting the correct number of items
  • Spells can now be flagged as no hostile cast for enemies, meaning they will not buff players
  • Fixed a major bug with NPC XP giving being extremely low in most cases
  • TrueSight/Identify were added
  • Doors can now respect quest progress and lock you out again
  • Luck now provides a random bonus of 1..LUK instead of always being +LUK, making it more random and more in line with how a “luck” stat should work (applies to crit and item drops)
  • Improvements to the “current events” section
  • All stripped gear will be added to the save list, even if it would not normally be saved
  • All UI buttons in window headers have tooltips
  • The Attribute buff has been re-added, creatures can now resist or take more damage from certain stats again. Theoretically Shredders work again as well, but they are not tested yet.
  • The Mood buff has been re-added, and applied to the Werebear. All animal-like lairs are planned to have the Mood buff. The Mood buff starts a creature at low damage while it’s “calm”, while working its way up to angered when it gets below 25% health. If you take too long, the creature will also enrage, doubling its damage.
  • Fighting natural resources now works as expected - spells no longer damage them, and condition lost from the weapon depends on the type (sharp = good for plants, blunt = good for rocks)
  • Bugfixes (like usual)

As always you can find the full changelog here.

What’s Coming Up?

Next up, I plan to take a chill week and work through some things a bit more slowly. I intend to re-add a bunch of older spells and traits so players can have things to spend TP on again. After I get a bunch of spells/traits reimplemented, I plan to work on Yzalt.

As always you can find the full roadmap here.

Until next time,

  • Seiyria