Land of the Rair Dev Blog #14 - New Stuff Abound

Mar 5, 2021 • Seiyria

Hey everyone! This has been a pretty sick week with all the cool stuff coming to Rair, including a few hotly requested features from Rair 1. We’ve got some new UI interactions, a few tidied up, missing things from the todo list, and a boatload of bugfixes. Lets dive in!

New Character Select Screen

Wow, this is so much nicer than just a small box! For those crazy folks that name all their characters the same, this will help you distinguish them a bit better: you can see their gear, current gold, just as if you were in game! Of course, it shows you the cool stuff like where you are, level, class, etc. This is probably one of the changes I’m most excited for this week.

New Character Creation Screen

This week brings a few improvements to the new player experience as well! On top of the usual selections (name, sex, class, allegiance), you can now pick your weapon specialization! This means it’s no longer assigned to you seemingly-randomly (in truth, it was tied to the allegiance).

The icons were removed from classes, as I’m not sure they hold any value anymore with the new system.

You can now see a preview of your starting weapon and character sprite in the top right, so you don’t have to guess what any of them will be anymore.

And, lastly, you can now see how your stats change when you pick an allegiance or class.

New UI Multiselect Interaction

A very hotly requested feature from Rair 1: being able to multi-select and drag/drop items. Admittedly, it’s still a little jank, but it works pretty well! You can multi-select by hitting CTRL while clicking an item (again to un-select it), and you can drag/drop from equipment, sack, or belt onto the ground or anywhere else where it might be relevant. It may take a second to run all of the commands, but it works and it’s there now.

Other Changes

  • Daily quests were added (Twean)
  • Keybinds for macros are now per-character
  • Custom macros are now per-character
  • In-game festival/bonus/event is set up; events can only be created by GMs at this time, but this will be expanded on
  • Enemy AI will pathfind if they’re >1 space away from you
  • Command queuing bugs were fixed; there is now a 100ms block on interacting with character cards after clicking to prevent spam
  • Seeing a creature die will no longer clear your active target, unless you killed it
  • Trying to equip an item will now tell you why you can’t, if so
  • Maps would fail giving skill if you had undefined skill, but now you will gain skill correctly
  • Fixed renegade camp NPCs spawning the wrong set
  • Added a handful of GM lobby commands
  • Fixed bottle drink
  • Added a statistics tracker much like the old Global site (new one will come in time; stats are just being tracked for now)
  • Added a Discord connection in lobby.
  • A reboot notification is sent any time one is incoming (this will not be bypassed often)
  • Clicking outside of character creation will no longer close it
  • A new option to shrink down character boxes to name + health was added
  • Encumbered effect was re-added. It now affects Mage and Thief (previously, it was Mage and Healer). It will hinder stealth as well as spellcasting, both by 50%.
  • Bugfixes (like usual)

As always you can find the full changelog here.

What’s Coming Up?

Next up will be a significant rework of combat, damage, and health in Rylt/Tutorial. Hopefully it will be easy enough to keep simple going forward. I hope this will only take a week, but who knows? Numbers are hard, and pinning the whole system down is hard too.

As always you can find the full roadmap here.

Until next time,

  • Seiyria