Land of the Rair Dev Blog #8

Nov 20, 2020 • Seiyria

Hey all! Been another busy week. There’s not a ton of visual things this week, but one of the major things that excites me is that combat is working again! At least, physical combat is. Magical combat is reserved for another time. I also got a few more tedious things off my plate in the mean time. I had a bit of a life setback this week (furance went out) so I was a bit less productive than I had hoped. But that’s all done and over with, thankfully. Without further ado, lets see the picture of the week:

Can You Train A Dragon (or adventurer)?

Yep, the trainer UI is back and it’s a bit different. I’m taking advantage of my new design plans to add sprites in dialogs, as well as adding some other useful information. You’ll notice the trainer tells you how high he trains to now! Also, you might notice that the trainer has more than 3 skills to train you on. It was an interesting idea, but there’s really no reason for them not to train on everything that they can (thievery, restoration, conjuration are still restricted). I’ve also made it so I can create “multi” or “omni” trainers, which might show up in the distant future!

You might notice a new button as well - “Train Skill” - people seemed confused that they couldn’t train their skills, and hey, why not, it’s another gold sink? It’s not currently implemented, but it will be coming in the future.

Do You Like Me?

Same picture, I managed to sneak something new in. You might notice a fourth button on the equipment area - “My Reputation”. You can now see your standing with each faction. It’s likely that there will be new factions coming in the future as well. These are just the base 6 you can choose from (not counting None, of course).

chuckles I’m In Danger

If you’re in danger of dying, there’s now a very visual indicator so you can see it coming. It’ll show up if you have less than 25% health:

Other Notes

  • There are two new stats “EXP Multiplier” and “Skill Multiplier” which can be utilized in the future to make EXP/Skill-focused gear
  • You can gain exp from kills and level up
  • Maps now limit your XP gain, so you can’t spend 25 levels sitting in one map - it’s not locked by level, but a specific XP number
  • Equipment can now cast effects on you - this might need some further testing later when more spells are added, but it works for now
  • Players can kill and be killed, monsters can be searched, and everyone can rot
  • If a player logs out, they auto restore (no matter who is holding their corpse)
  • Holding a corpse will no longer rot to the ground automatically - corpses only rot on the ground
  • Holding a corpse will not block respawn anymore
  • As is necessary with dying, you can now restore from death
  • Healer trainers automatically revive players instead of requiring a command
  • Health/XP/new spell effects trigger a “floating bar” on one side of the map
  • Swimming/Drowning now work (collective “yay”)
  • Numerous internal effects were implemented in some capacity
  • Item requirements exist, and can stop you from equipping an item now
  • Stats are properly calculated based on your buffs, debuffs, gear, and other relevant sources
  • Items can now generate properly if they’re randomized


No week seems to go as planned, but such is the life of game development. Most, most of the major things are out of the way, and at this point, it’s a matter of filling in all the holes and getting an alpha up to run around in. In the spirit of these last few posts, here’s what’s coming up:

  1. Vendor UI
  2. Traits UI
  3. Macro Editor UI / Macro Bar Editor UI
  4. Implementing the remainder of the options (where possible)

The goal is to get the Tutorial area able to be tested as soon as possible.

Until next time,

  • Seiyria