Land of the Rair Dev Blog #1

Oct 12, 2019 • Seiyria

Welcome to week #1 of the Land of the Rair dev blog series! I’m hoping that week-to-week I have enough to talk about with the Land of the Rair rewrite to blog about it, too. This post is technically cheating, since it’s been about a month of work, but lets talk about what’s new!

First, lets look at the new login screen: Imgur

There’s a lot to digest here, but the important stuff to note:

  • I ditched auth0. This means that sign in is handled entirely by me, and I can provide a better login flow.
  • There’s an auto-login option! Any time you log in, you can choose to auto log in an account.
  • There’s an account chooser! If you play multiple accounts, switching between them will now be easier. Being able to offer this was part of the reason I ditched auth0.
  • There’s now a disconnected indicator, and if you disconnect, you’re bumped back to this screen. If you have auto-login enabled, you’ll log back in immediately though.

So much here, and only one little screen! Once you get logged in, you’ll see a familiar sight:


This should look familiar - not much ahs changed. However, there are two new things! You might remember the menu being along the top. I’ve moved it for now to be along the side (opened and closed by clicking the logo in the top left). I haven’t worked out exactly how this will all function just yet, so this may be temporary or not. My goal is to reduce the visual space that I take so players will have more space in the interface.

I’ve also added a nice reminder to the character select screen to show you where you were last, and what level and class your characters were.

Last but not least, I’ve done a little work on the character create screen. Here’s what it looks like now: Imgur

It’s very WIP, but it will get the job done for now! You’ll notice that classes have way more description this time around, and that it follows a more typical “flow” instead of having everything be on one page. This will let me go into more detail with each class and allegiance to better describe what they do. Additionally, a small detail this time around is that your HP will also be modified based on your class choice! It won’t be a lot, but it’s something.

That’s all that’s new so far. Right now, a lot of work is going into the infrastructure to make it better than the first attempt, and to keep in mind a lot of the cool features that found their way into the game but didn’t quite fit the first time (due to how unplanned they were).

See you next time!